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VNPLC.COM - Hotline: 090.2006.139

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[giaban]Call: 090.2006.139[/giaban] [tomtat] Biến tần - Ac Inverter Drive 0,75kw 1x230v + Potenc
Model: ATV31H075M2A
Nhà sản suất: Telemecanique - Schneider
[/tomtat] [mota] The Telemecanique ATV31H075M2A is from the Altivar 31 series. It is a 0.75 kW inverter. These easy to use VSDs are compact, offer flexibility and have a range of communications options. Northern Industrial can help you with all ATV31H075M2A Telemecanique Altivar 31 inverters, which are also sometimes rebadged as Schneider Electric inverters.
The ATV31H075M2A Easy to Use
With factory set parameters, you can simply plug in your ATV31H075M2A inverter for many applications. It also has an auto-tuning feature, enabling the variable speed drive to quickly adapt to the motor and provide dynamic performance in complete safety.
Integrated Communications
Communications options on the inverter include integrated RS485 multipoint communication over Modbus RTU or CANopen. These two communications protocols are available as standard on many automation systems, which allows you increased connection possibilities. Real time data and the PowerSuite PC software also makes the operation, maintenance and diagnostics of installations even more efficient.
A Array of Features
Speed regulation by flux vector control
Speed range from 1 to 50
2 Tn to 3Hz without adjustment
Protection of motor and of drive
Operation up to 50°C without derating
Brake sequence
Regulator and preset PI
+/- speed, 16 preset speeds
Limit switch management
Traverse control (textile machines)
Compact, side by side mounting
Integrated class A EMC filter, class B optional
Integrated Modbus and CANopen Fipio, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Ethernet

Quý khách cần hàng để sửa chữa, bảo trì vui lòng liên hệ: 090.2006.139 [/mota]